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EDID emulator fix on PS5&MAC M1

Monitor was having trouble outputting 120hz
Edid emulator solve the issue
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  • Bi-directional EDIDthe source can be male or female connect
  • Edid fix to get 1080P 120Hz ps5&XSX on 1080P&1440p 144Hz monitorswith hdmi1.4,HDCP must be disable on PS5
  • Edid fix to get 2160P 60Hz PS5&XSX on 1440p 144Hz165Hzmonitorswith hdmi2.0, HDCP must be disable on PS5
  • MAC M1Direct connection): 720P HIDPI on 1440P 60Hz monitors,1080P HIDPI on some 1440P 144Hz monitors(switchres setting).
  • MAC M1Mirror Displays): 1080P HIDPI on 1440P monitors.
  • 24-hour technical maintenance consultation, product quality problem 2 months  replacement, not satisfied with 1 month full refund service
  • Product Dimensions41mm*21mm*11mm
  • Item Weight14g
  • Default resolution:3840x2160@60Hz
    (PS5)How to get 2160P(4K) 60Hz on 1440P(2K) 144Hz monitors?
  • Disable HDCP(System---HDMI---HDCP).
  • Plug the Edid emulator to the PS5 or monitor side.
  • If the screen is black, the monitor can’t work in 2160P. If the screen is green, you should be change to another HDMI port on the monitor.
  • Support List(It is not guaranteed to be completely correct):
    Samsung:G50,G52,G54,G56, C27HG70QQC, S27R750QEC,S34J550
    AOC: cq30g3z,U34P2C,CQ34G2Z
    LG: 34UC88-B
    Acer:VG252QP,xv271um,ED323QUR,VG270UP(K7B panel)
    HKC: SG27QC,GP329Q,SG32QC,IG27Q,C349U
    ViewSonic: VX2758-2KP-MHD,VX2778-2K-PRO, VX2780-2K-PRO
    Titan Army: N27SQ plus, C30SK PRO, T24QG
    Sharp: LCD70UD30A
    ThundeRobot: LQ27F165L
    Skyworth: F27G1, F34G1Q
    MI27‘’ 2K 165Hz,34’’ 3440-1440 144Hz
    (PS5)How to get 1080P 120Hz on 144Hz monitors?
  • HDMI version must be 1.4 or 2.0(monitor).
  • Disable HDCP(System---HDMI---HDCP).
  • Move the cursor to the resolution(Screen and Video---video Output).
  • Plug the Edid emulator to the PS5 or monitor side.
  • If the screen is black,press X----press down x2or up x2----press X. This is a blind operation to adjust the resolution to 1080P. If the setup is successful, the screen is on.
  • Select Performance Mode on PS5.Load the 120hz game.
  • Full list of 120fps PS5 games:Apex Legends (TBC),Borderlands 3,Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War,Destiny 2, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition, Dirt 5, Fortnite,  Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, he Nioh Collection (Nioh and Nioh 2), Rainbow Six Siege, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2, WRC 9
    (MAC M1 HIDPI)How to get Hidpi on 2K monitors?
  • 1280x720 hidpi on 2K 60Hz monitors,1920x1080 hidpi on some 2K 144Hz monitors.
  • Install switchres and remote control software(Mac mini).
  • Macbook need a usb-c to HDMI adapter(4K 60hz).
  • Plug The Evanlak EDID Emulator between Mac and monitor.
  • If the monitor is blank, 1080P Hidpi mode is not supported. You can use remote control software to set the 1280x720 hidpi in switchres.
    (MAC M1 HIDPI)How to get 1080P Hidpi in mirror mode?
  • Plug The Evanlak EDID Emulator to the HDMI port or 4K 60Hz adapter.
  • Plug The monitor to the usb-c or 4K 60Hz adapter.
  • In display Arrangement setting, Tick the mirror displays, Let the monitor mirror the Evanlak EDID Emulator.
    Supported resolutions:
    3840x2160@60Hz(with HDMI2.0)
    1440 x 900@60Hz
    1366 x768@60Hz

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