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About The Company
I'd like to summarize it in a simple sentence.
You may ask if this is our official website. I can clearly state that this is definitely our official website. In the later stage, we will gradually optimize and introduce more good products. Then why is there  EVANLAK

In 2015, we registered our first brand Evanlak. which can be regarded as the first global company to make such products and has been sold worldwide. The core technology must be controlled by Evanlak, the parent company, and the main sales methods are: third-party platforms, offline China and foreign agents, but they are not our main channels, also Amazon, AliExpress and ebay all have our brands and products.

As for the delivery, the goods are basically delivered directly in Hongkong. Please trust the logistics speed in DHL UPS Filex. Except for special cases, there will be no problem in the logistics of the mainstream countries in Europe and the United States. However, if you are really in a hurry, you can also contact our customer service. You can directly purchase our products from Amazon in the United States, Japan, Germany, Britain, Italy, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, France and Canada. All products are shipped directly to the destination countries, which can shorten your delivery time.
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